Laboratory Experience

Site Investigation at a New York State Site

Project Summary:

Hampton-Clarke provided analysis of over 350 soil, sediment and groundwater samples for TCL Volatiles, TCL Semi-Volatiles, PCBs and TAL Metals. A New York State Category B data package was generated along with NYS EQuis EDD and regulatory Excels.


Waste Disposal Analysis at a New Jersey Entertainment and Sports Complex

Client: Environmental Engineering and Consulting Firm

Project Summary:

Hampton-Clarke provided TCL+30/TAL, Full TCLP and RCRA Characterization analysis on over 50 soil samples on a 1-week turnaround time. Analysis was being done to determine waste disposal options


Site Investigation at a Privately Owned Site in Jersey City, NJ

Project Overview

Hampton-Clarke performed an EPH screen and TCL+30/TAL analysis on over 100 initial soil samples, as well as various organic and inorganic tests on dozens of additional soil samples.  The sampling program also included blind field duplicates, daily field blanks, and trip blanks.  The lab conducted all initial analyses on a one-week TAT to facilitate activation of contingent samples within holding time.  Contingent analyses consisted of SPLP, TCLP, Hexavalent Chromium, Fractionated EPH, and various total organic and inorganic tests.  Hampton-Clarke ran low-level analyses where needed (e.g., ICP-MS, SIM) to pass regulatory criteria and the low level calibration check.  At the request of the client, bottleware was organized into separate coolers for each AOC (22 AOCs in total).  HC’s in-house couriers picked up samples daily from the site over a two-week period.  This project included management and preparation of En Core Samplers for both Total VOCs and SPLP VOCs.  HC reported data under five project numbers designated by the client to ease data evaluation and billing.  Deliverables included a NJ Reduced deliverable, Hazsite, and a NJ regulatory Excel including hits-only summaries customized for this client.


Waste Characterization at a Multi-Block Redevelopment Site in Newark, NJ

Project Summary:

Hampton-Clarke analyzed nearly 200 soil samples for EPH Category 2 and an average of 30 soil samples for RCRA characteristics, Paint Filter, TCL+30/TAL, and Full TCLP on a one-week TAT during each of three sampling events in support of construction activities over a multi-block area in Newark, NJ associated with a large-scale redevelopment project.  Analysis has been completed for three separate waste disposal events, and is ongoing on an as-needed basis during earth-moving activities.  Hampton-Clarke provided signed final data on the agreed-upon TAT to allow waste soil to be moved off-site.


Property Redevelopment near Camden, New Jersey

Project Summary:

Hampton-Clarke provided TCL+30/TAL on a Two Day TAT to Identify areas of Concern.  After hot spots were located, Two Day TAT was used to Delineate area of concern and then followed up with SPLP to show any Impact to Groundwater for these Parameters and compounds.



Kosciuszko Bridge Project

Project Summary:

Hampton Clarke Inc. environmental field services and laboratory analytical tests supports the subsurface investigations to facilitate the design and construction of the foundations, retaining walls, roadways and other pertinent facilities for the bridge replacement. Environmental sampling utilizes OSHA trained personnel and screening with a portable photo ionization detector (PID) while visually screening for signs of potential contamination. Full analytical profiles are performed to satisfy waste disposal & NYSDEC requirements. Additional

work supports water sampling and targeting NYSDEC- SPDES and specific Monitoring Wells criteria.


Harold Structures -CH-057A

Project Summary:

Hampton Clarke, Inc. performs field services and laboratory analytical testing for the current East Side Access- structures programs. Field personnel include OSHA 40 hour training and additional requirements include Track Safety training under LIRR and Amtrak programs. The analytical incorporates analysis of soil for NYSDEC DER-10 guidance values. Monitoring wells to NYSDEC, NYCDEP and Long Island Well Permit parameters.


Replacement of City Island Bridge

Project Summary:

Hampton Clarke Inc. performs laboratory analytical services and environmental field efforts to support the bridge replacement efforts. The project included analysis of soil samples for the determination of contaminants targeting multiple data objectives. Water and soil matrixes are analyzed to meet State and City disposal criteria.Environmental field services included in-situ soil sampling, stockpile sampling, frac. tank sampling, and collecting PID measurements while visually screening throughout the construction process.


The Goethals Bridge Replacement Project

Project Summary:

Hampton Clarke Inc. provides laboratory analytical services to support bridge replacement efforts. The project included analysis of soil samples for the determination of contaminants targeting the data objectives for waste disposal options and Federal, State and NYCDEP requirements. Water samples analysis for NYCDEP discharge requirements. Samples arrive with various TAT requirements including 24 hour/urgent needs.

Construction Experience

A Women-Owned, Disadvantaged, Small Business Enterprise (WBE/DBE/SBE)